DW Direct is committed to understanding our customer's needs and exceeding their expectations. Approximately 75% of all mailing service expenditures involve the cost of postage. Our dedicated staff efficiently pre-sorts your mailing to qualify your project for the lowest postal rates.


Mailings can be certified and loaded on to United States Postal Service trucks for delivery to Post Office sectional center facilities (SCF) or Bulk Mail Centers (BMC) directly from our facility. Our ability to perform this service results in additional postage savings along with a speedier transit time to the final delivery location.

  • Bulk Mailings
  • Match Mailings
  • Non-Profit Mailings
  • Time Sensitive Mailings
  • Indicia or Metered Mail
  • Ink Jet Addressing – (multitude of surfaces)
  • Cheshire Labeling
  • Stamp Affixing – (hand & automatic)
  • Tabbing/Wafer-Sealing – (hand & automatic)
  • Hole Punching
  • Bursting
  • Collating
  • Laser Printing Black & White
  • Laser Printing Full Color
  • Inserting – (hand & automatic)
  • Labeling – (hand & automatic)
  • Assembly – (hand & automatic)
  • Folding – (hand & automatic)
  • Poly-Bagging
  • Banding
  • String Tying or Bagging
  • Letter Personalization
  • Total Project Management.

Our fully staffed MIS department delivers the specialized programs needed to manage your data or create custom programming to generate unique statistical reports. Our goal is to save you money on postage and ensure that your information reaches your target audience on time. Our state of the art fiber optic connection ensures high speed data transfer via email or FTP. We will also accept many forms of media such as:

  • Flash drives.
  • Zip Disks (100 MB or 250 MB)
  • IBM 3480 Family Cartridges
  • CD – CD-R – CD-RW
  • Reel to Reel Magnetic Tape – ASCII or EBCDIC-6250 or 1600 BPI
  • 3.5 Floppy Disc

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  • CASS Certification-ZIP + 4 Append
  • PAVE Certified Software
  • Postal Presort
  • Certified Mail Manifests
  • List Conversion
  • Barcoding
  • NCOA – National Change of Address Service
  • Custom Programming
  • Database Management
  • Merge ⁄ Purge – (duplicate elimination)
  • Document Personalization
  • Genderization
  • Tracking Services – Delivery Confirmation
  • Special Reporting
  • Media Conversion
  • File Maintenance
  • Post-Net Bar Code inclusion (for additional postal discounts)
  • Data Entry, Database Creation
  • Address Correction

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